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Maybe I Have Not Lost My Mind

I am always willing to admit when my junk is out of wack. But man lately I just am not bouncing back. People we know our own bodies, if you feel something isn’t right get another opinion besides your own.

After a video conference with my primary doctor today about my moods, anxiousness and several other symptoms she has recommended I have my heart checked at once. I had also been having dizzy spells and confusion.

My husband will be taking me shortly to see the hospital. Even if it is just my junk, at least we will be sure. It is him that is taking the blunt of my moods. Thank God that when I’m lovable, I truly am. Otherwise, I might be a very lonely person. I will post later this evening what the er has to say.

Sometimes you just have to make a silly face to get through it!

1 thought on “Maybe I Have Not Lost My Mind”

  1. He sounds like a good one and you sound like you’re very hard in yourself! I can see honestly, personality and courage in your post. It’s not an easy journey living with MH issues, but thank you so much for sharing your ups and downs in such an honest and insightful way. I’ve followed your blog and look forward to sharing your journey. Kara x


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