About Me

I’m a beautiful mess!

After reviewing my about me page I decided to change it up. I didn’t just know pain and abuse. I also knew love and kindness. Friendship also.

The things that we go through in life are a part of what makes us who we are. Sometimes I may seem bitter and cold, others funny and playful. Most of us let our daily tribulations affect other aspects of our lives. Don’t you just wish you could hang the BS at the front door when coming home to your family. I will give it a try if you will. Let’s try not to let our past hurts define who we are, learn from the experiences and try not to make the same ones.

I am a mother of two very handsome men, stepmother to two more handsome boys, grandmother to four girls and three boys. My family is my life.

I’m using this site as a journal of my daily moods, good or bad. And I love to write poetry when I have the time.