Poetry, Quiet Please

Quiet Please

                          Quiet Please

I wish I could slow down, take a break.

I thought it would be different at the lake.

But my mind just does not stop,

My brain is full, about to pop.

What was it I forgot to do,

I’m sorry if I yelled at you.

Straighten the rug please,

Hurry before someone sees.

Who cares if it’s not straight,

Hurry before it’s to late,

I hate that I am manic,

But it isn’t going to make me panic.

Don’t worry it’s not my first episode,

It ‘ll be better after I explode.

Just pray you aren’t the one in my path,

Or likely it will be you that catches my wrath

I am nice as most of you see,

But it’s not all fun to be me.

I struggle to keep my head straight,

Sometimes feeling I never left the gate.

Now my brain isn’t so wired,

In matter of fact I am quite tired.

I’ll pray for tomorrow to be a better day,

So off to bed I am on my way.

                                           Jill L. Ware

Be Still like the water. #bipolar #borderlinepersonalitydisorder

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