12 Years After Gastric Bypass

I had my surgery at a Program where you had support for life when needing guidance when struggling or needing a reset. As many places it closed up about 5 years ago.

Sometimes my eating or drinking soda get a bit out of control and I study about doing a pouch resest with my protien shakes and such. I do it and I get back on track.

Then life becomes hectic with watching grandkids or doctors appointments and the fast foods and soda sneak back in. Needless to say it is still a life long struggle. If I would just eat meat I would be fine. I fill my pouch properly. But pastas and carbs just seep right through leaving room for more food.

Of course, like most people with this surgery I have much unwanted loose skin in my arms, legs and tummy apron. You would think after 12 years I would be used to it. That is pretty much my only complaint about the surgery. I still feel 100 times better than I did before. Any problems I have ever had with having the surgery were caused by me not following guidelines.

If you struggle with your weight loss surgery just know you are not broken, just human. It was meant to be a tool, not a fix all. Just remember you can get back on track. Research doing a pouch reset. I won’t say how many times in 12 years I have had to do a reset. Get back on your bike and ride!!!! You know the routine like the back of your hand. Good luck and God bless!