Call Your Psychiatrist

Everyone smiles for the camera

I know the importance of routine mental health appointments throughout the year. It did not occur to me the entire six weeks I laid in bed my depression and anxiety in full swing.

I assumed it had only been a few months since my last mental health visit. In fact it had been six months.

This week I had a visit with my long time psychiatrist. He reminded me that if I am struggling in between visits that I can call for a visit.

It’s amazing the insight and advice from someone outside my usual sounding boards. Where am I going with this? If you are sad, anxious, depressed or having a hard time functioning in this crazy world we live in. Seeking help can make a huge difference. Tell someone else your crap can really lighten your load.


Or Not!

Questioning every thought and decision. I must be exact, have precision.

Does my illness have me thinking the wrong thought? Or am I thinking normal? I bet not.

Did I embarrass myself or do oaky? Did they look at me in a strange way?

I wish I didn’t talk so much, that I’d think before speaking and such.

I have never liked my face, always looking at it in disgrace.

I hope they aren’t mad at me, who is it I’m supposed to be?

When will this house get old, I move a lot I am told.

Who was on the phone? Don’t talk to me in that tone.

Did they really talk to me that way? Or is it my illness, I can’t say.

Imagine a time I didn’t think twice. Believe me, it wasn’t nice.

Am I thinking wrong or not?